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We understand that finding the right partner to extend your brand is a leap of faith. It takes a lot of consideration.

Our 70 R&D people spend the greater part of their week on the ground across Europe, with our customers, responding to customer demands or coming up with great ideas themselves in response to what they see in the market place. In the lab they are always looking at quality improvement, operational efficiency and new and existing technologies.

These are the people to complement your experience and insight – our combined knowledge can create exceptional products to add to your brand.


We have been developing fats since 1899, and we have stayed well ahead of the trends and needs of the industry ever since. Our industry knowledge is extensive, built through a number of pathways. 

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In case you are a food service professional or artisan baker, we propose you our leading brands RISSO®ST-ALLERY® and GOLD CUP®.


Our bakery portfolio is expansive enough to include most European favourites. Understanding local food culture is one of our strengths. With production sites and R&D people all over Europe, we are experts in creating local and international bakery products. 

We produce five categories of products. We supply all of them frozen; some are raw, some are pre-proofed and some are ready to use.

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Because we work in different channels we transfer knowledge and learnings from one to another, for example, what we learn from new developments in the industry, we apply in new products for artisan bakers and vice versa.

Our teams working on creating healthier fat alternatives have developed innovative ranges that balance functionality, taste and healthier choices with the right product texture.

The Vandemoortele Centre for Lipid Science and Technology was established with the University of Ghent in April 2012 to improve our understanding of edible fats, and to understand the likely patterns of the diet of the future.

We are expert in sourcing sustainable and ethical raw materials and are accredited in many areas, click here to discover more.

We supply local producers to big multinationals, and welcome the challenge of developing products in tandem with our customers for them to sell as part of their brands. We find that pooling our skillsets can yield extraordinary returns.

We can play with different parameters to make a unique product for you:



All our patisserie is available in individual portions, pre-cut or as a whole.

We can work with you to create:

  • bavarois style patisserie, in different layers, with traditional or creative ingredients
  • mousses, which come in a cup and can be topped with any ingredient
  • local or international cakes and tarts in any flavour combination
  • Galettes des Rois which can be adapted in form and design


There are countless regional differences and traditions in bread. With our factories and R&D teams all over Europe, we are easily able to adapt to each region’s taste. We can also bring authentic products from one region to another. 

We make countless variations on bread. The classics, the shapes, adding texture and flavour with olives or seeds, nuts or fruit – the combinations are endless.


Our donuts are all yeast risen according to the authentic American recipe. We can top and decorate them in any way you could possibly imagine. We can also create seasonal versions for Christmas or Easter.

We introduced the donut to Europe in the 80s and we are now the market leader. We produce more than a million donuts a day, and sell them in more than 20 European countries.


Our pastry range contains favourites like the pains au chocolate and croissants, but also Danish pastries in different forms, filled or topped with cream, nuts, jam, fruit, chocolate… 

Again, regional strengths are mirrored in our factories – in France the focus is on croissants and pains au chocolate, in the UK it’s the apple turnover.


We produce authentic focaccia in Genova according to traditional Italian recipes. We top them with Italian ingredients like tomatoes, olives or rosemary. Italian pizzas and bastoncinos complete this Italian range.

We work with you to create unique food experiences for your customers