Our History

Here is our story

Vandemoortele has a long and rich heritage in food production.

1899 - 1945

Foundation and growth

In 1899, Constant Vandemoortele and his son Adhémar open a factory in Izegem, Belgium. This is still a Vandemoortele factory today.

In the early days Vandemoortele started crushing and refining oils from line and rape seed and supplied oil to the local soap and cattle feed industries. In the 1930s the company transformed into a national producer of bulk edible oils. Soy beans were added to the raw materials. Vandemoortele was the first company to start selling oil to consumers in pre-filled bottles.

1946 - 1996

European expansion & diversification

Vandemoortele acquires the oldest Belgian margarine producer, Albers, and starts producing and selling margarines with great success.

Vandemoortele expands from a national producer into a European producer of oils and fats - crude oils, refined oils, bottled oils, margarines, fats and mayonnaise.

In 1962 the company starts producing and selling deep frying oils.

For decades Vandemoortele has supplied bakeries with oils and fats. In the 1960s Vandemoortele starts to create new added value products for bakeries, such as dough and puff pastry. These products begin to make the baker’s life easier, by gradually taking out the hard labour and the early morning start and allowing a broad assortment of freshly baked bread and pastry all day long. 

In 1974 Vandemoortele starts a whole new product category, launching soy milk, under the ALPRO® brand. Due to Vandemoortele’s long term focus ALPRO® has been given plenty of time to invent a whole new product category and deliver a return on investment.

In 1978 Vandemoortele creates a new business unit for frozen bakery products.

ALPRO® extends into a broad range of soy based products, driving growth for decades. Unlike most of Vandemoortele’s business, ALPRO® is a consumer goods brand, that is sold to grow under other ownership in 2009.


1997 - 2008

Focus on core activities: Soy Foods, Lipids and Bakery

In 1997 Vandemoortele sells its upstream oil activities (crushing and refining) and its oil bottling and mayonnaise production activities (except for Belgian brands).

From now on Vandemoortele focuses on three core activities: Soy Foods, Lipids (margarines and fats) and (frozen) Bakery. 

That same year, the company starts producing donuts under the brand THE ORIGINAL DOONY'S®, according to original American recipes. Their huge success inspires Vandemoortele to expand the range with cookies, muffins and other sweet snacks.

In 1998 Vandemoortele starts CROUSTIFRANCE®, a business unit that supplies complete bake off systems including training, equipment and consultancy to small local supermarkets, petrol stations etc. Now a lot of the bakery expertise is provided by an integrated system which allows unskilled people to provide fresh bakery all day long.

Vandemoortele continues to expand its bakery business via acquisitions - Les Pains Pérènes de Roland Cottes (artisanal bread – 2004 France), Colombus Food Belgium (donuts - 2004) and Panavi France (bread and pastries – 2008 France), among others.

2009 - 2016

Focus on professional customers – broadening the assortment

In 2009 Vandemoortele sells ALPRO®, the main part of its consumer business.

From now on the focus is on professional customers in retail and food service, such as catering and restaurants, artisanal bakery and industrial customers. Working in partnership with customers to help create successful businesses becomes more and more a key focus for the company.

In 2010 Vandemoortele acquires Van Dijk Food Products (NL), which includes the DIAMANT® brand of deep frying fats.

In 2015 the company acquires the Italian company LAG, a leading producer of authentic focaccia and ciabatta - among others adding the LANTERNA® brand to the portfolio.

Present Day

One firm approach & focus on taste

In 2016 the company integrates all of its international businesses under the Vandemoortele corporate name with a new corporate identity. The company mission becomes ‘Bringing Great Taste – in your kitchen, at the table and on the go’, and our focus is on contributing to our customers’ success by delivering quality, service and convenience.

Bringing Food Innovation to the Table