Do the right thing and do things right

Speak Up

Speak Up

At Vandemoortele we expect all our associates, suppliers and contractors worldwide to act at all times in an honorable and ethically responsible manner. 

Our philosophy is simple, “DO THE RIGHT THING AND DO THINGS RIGHT”

To help them make the right choices, we have developed a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. This Code cannot cover every situation, but its principles can be a guide to find the right course of action. In the end, everyone is responsible for determining where to go and how to get there. 

Address your first-line contact at Vandemoortele

Doing the right thing also means reporting any behaviour in the workplace that anyone considers wrong or inappropriate. Not only when Vandemoortele has a direct impact, but also in the case of third-party supplier activities that go against our sustainable development charter (e.g. deforestation).  

In this case, we recommend speaking to the usual first-line Vandemoortele contact person first. This means, for example, for a Vandemoortele associate, their direct manager or someone from the HR department, for a customer, their usual commercial contact. Read the privacy notice here.

Read our whistleblowing procedure

To understand the procedure and your rights when submitting a report, we invite you to first carefully read the whistleblowing procedure. This will help you understand what "whistleblowing" means and how to raise concerns. You will also learn how reports are being processed and followed up, and the guarantees Vandemoortele has put in place to ensure confidentiality and protect you from retaliation. 

However, please consider that including your name in the report will allow the research team to conduct the investigation more efficiently and take the necessary measures to protect you effectively. 

If your concern relates to sustainable sourcing (e.g. palm oil), please also read our grievance policy here

Select your country and language in the top right corner to find the relevant documents in your language. 

Submit a report anonymously via our online portal Speak-Up

If you don't feel comfortable talking directly to your first-line contact, or feel you are not being heard, you can raise your concerns through our online portal Speak Up. Your submission can be made anonymously and will always be treated with the utmost care. We will assign your case to a competent case manager who will investigate your concern.  

Important note before you click through to the online portal Speak Up: to maintain the ability to access your report at any time, note down your anonymous report number and create a password. This will allow you to log in to check questions and feedback related to your report.  

To start your submission via the web form, click here.  

You can also submit your report by calling a toll-free number

In either way, make sure your report is as accurate and clear as possible and contains the necessary details that allow a thorough investigation.  

How will your report be processed?


whistleblowing procedure


After you submit your report, we will investigate it internally as further described in our whistleblowing procedure. We will follow up and respond to all reports we receive within a reasonable timeframe.