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Our retail concept ranges

Our Retail customers are constantly looking for market and consumer solutions to boost their sales. At the same time, they need agile, cost-effective, fast and easy to implement opportunities. Especially when it comes to new product development and innovation roadmap. This is why we have developed our concept ranges: RODA® and ST. VILLEPRÉ®. These are not brands but concepts which allow our retail customers to test ideas or to co-develop prototypes for the margarine and butter shelf in a fast way. 


The concept range for your margarine shelf

Do you have a product or co-development in mind? Would you like to extend your range or find a temporary production solution for your margarine business? Or do you just want to be inspired for future launches?

RODA® covers your need in the margarine shelf, ranging from healthy or tasty margarines, fresh or creamy to spreading or cooking and baking. Packaging may be a bottle, tub or wrapper. 


Combine best of oils and butter

St. VILLEPRÉ® shows you the diversity of possibilities when the best of oils and butter are blended.

Combining oil and butter is an art, using it in the kitchen is luckily a lot easier. Next to its rich buttery taste, it is easy to spread out of the fridge. While cooking, the blend spatters less, does not burn and is highly convenient in baking.

This concept range can inspire you for innovations, co-creations or as a fast track to the market.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with your local Vandemoortele contact.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with your local Vandemoortele contact.