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Towards E-free: How we handle E-numbers

E-numbers are codes for various food additives. The ‘E’ means that the Europe Commission has evaluated a substance to be safe and authorized for use. However, consumers increasingly prefer foods with ingredients they recognise, without chemical additions. That’s why we find it important to remove E-numbers from our products whenever possible, without compromising on taste or quality. Food without E-numbers receive the Vandemoortele E-free Label.   

Our quest for balanced nutrition

Good taste and quality are the foundation of all Vandemoortele products. We believe that everyday food should be an everyday enjoyment, both at the table and on the go. At the same time, guaranteeing qualitative and safe food is of the utmost  importance to us. We are always working to improve the nutritional profile  of our products and to make them more sustainable. A good balance between taste, health and quality is the key to our success.

Clean Label: know what you eat

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about what they eat. They look for healthy, trustworthy products with simple and recognisable ingredients. To meet this need, we developed our own Vandemoortele Clean Label: a straightforward label that provides clear information about the ingredients we use.

The Vandemoortele Clean Label is granted to products that contain simple ingredients and ingredients of natural origin, with very few food additives and no preservatives. If additions are needed for functional reasons, we use only the strict minimum required food additives and only natural flavours. By communicating transparently about the composition of our foods, we help consumers make balanced choices.

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What are E-numbers, and are they safe?

E-numbers are codes assigned to  food additives  that have been evaluated as safe and are authorized by the European Commission (‘E’-numbers). They can originate from a natural or chemical source and can have different functions:  for instance, some keep food fresh (preservatives), others improve the taste and texture (thickeners) or colour the food (colours), etc. For example, the code E100 refers to  curcuma extract, which gives food a yellow-orange colour.

In recent years, some food additives from chemical origin have acquired a negative perception by some consumers. Although they are not dangerous or unhealthy, people increasingly ban these ingredients from their plate, preferring to eat only foods from natural origin. That is why Vandemoortele aims to use as few additives as possible.

Our E-free Label

For some products, our researchers have found ways to avoid the use of food additives while offering the same quality, taste and function. This is the result of meticulous innovation and thorough controls of all our ingredients.  Products that contain only well-known ingredients from natural origin and no additives are granted both our Clean Label and our E-free Label.

The E-free products are a good way to meet some consumers’ demand for simple food and transparent communication. For example, margarine can be simply a refrigerated mixture of water-in-oil. At Vandemoortele, we have been developing E-free margarines since 2008. This has resulted in a broad range of industrial margarines free of additives, for all major bakery applications.

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E-free in our margarines

The E-free products are a good way to meet consumers’ needs for simple food and transparent communication. For example, margarine is simply a refrigerated mixture of water-in-oil. At Vandemoortele, we have been developing E-free margarines since 2008. This has resulted in a broad range of industrial margarines free of additives, for all major bakery applications.