Fully Baked by Banquet d'Or®

Fully baked

Baking buns, baguettes and tiger rolls takes time… Now, what if you were given a solution to work more efficiently – saving you time and costs? Giving you time to try out new things? Great idea! Your customers will appreciate it!

Work more efficiently without compromising on great quality

The Fully Baked bread range from Banquet d’Or® is tailored to your needs. It’s highly convenient: just let the buns, baguettes and sandwiches thaw for a while, flash-bake them and they are ready to serve or garnish. Most of the Fully Baked products are pre-sliced – saving you time, again.

Fully Baked by Banquet d’Or® excels in convenience, without compromising on quality. On the contrary: the buns, baguettes and sandwiches taste delicious. They are the perfect ‘carriers’. And we’re more than happy to help you with quick and easy recipes for delicious sandwiches.

Pre-sliced bread = easy handling

Most of the Fully Baked products are pre-sliced: the perfectly horizontal butterfly or hinge cut keeps both halves together, ensuring the crumb inside doesn’t dry out.

Discover all the possibilities of our fully baked products here! 

Flash baking for more crispiness

Buns, baguettes and small rolls should be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, right? After defrosting, flash-bake them for extra crunch: just put them under the grill for a few minutes.