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All these sanwiches are from our Fully Baked range. They are presliced and ready in no time. 

Tony's tuna

A delicious sandwich made with our Banquet d'Or® Fully Baked baguette, topped with Vandemoortele® Mayonnaise and Tuna. Easy convenience and ready in no time. 

Discover this delicious sandwich here.

Chicken Kebab

This Chicken Kebab Sandwich is made up of our Banquet d'Or®  Fully Baked Pain Kebab, our Vandemoortele® Andalouse sauce, delicious marinated chicken breast and much more. 

Get to know more about this sandwich here.

Eye of the tiger - curcuma

Our Banquet d'Or® Fully Baked Curcuma Tiger bun is a perfect bun to make a delicious sandwich with smoked salmon or a veggie sandwich with marinated cucumber strings. Topped with our Vandemoortele® Martino sauce is this a perfect sandwich for your buffet. 

Find out here more about this easy-to-make bun.