St. Villepré® Dairy Cream 35%


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Excellent taste

Honoring the heritage of artisan bakery, St-Villepré dairy cream remembers what draws consumers to the bakery craft: an authentic full taste that channels indulgence in each recipe created. Our 35% cream will offer you a maximum taste, even envying more expensive creams with higher fat content.

Easy to process

At Vandemoortele we have built our professional range with the needs of professionals in mind. Our St-Villepré dairy cream is not different: it will maximize the convenience in your workflow and help you finish your busy schedule. Aeration of the cream is effortless and the structure is easy to manipulate in your creations. The screwcap on the packaging makes for an easy opening and allows you to utilize every single drop, letting nothing go to waste. Our whipped cream also manages to retain taste and structure upon freezing, allowing more flexible planning in your production schedule.

Free up fridge space

Unlike many other dairy products, St-Villepré dairy cream can be kept outside of the fridge at room temperature (18°C) for as long as 9 months. This allows you to spend less time on stockkeeping, reduce obsoletes and free up precious fridge space. Overall, convenient storage.

  • Indulgent, full dairy taste
  • Firm texture with high yield
  • Holds volume longer
  • Retains aerated structure
  • 9 month storage at 18°C

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