Innovation for better food choices

Baker’s margarines

Baker’s E-Free®

In response to consumer concerns about artificial food additives, we have eliminated the use of ‘E-numbers’ in our Baker’s E-Free range. Our researchers have managed to find natural alternatives that deliver similar benefits, such as lemon juice (acidifier), red palm olein (colourant) and rosemary extract (antioxidant).

Baker’s Low Fat®

Standard margarines have a fat content of at least 80%. By contrast, the fat content of the ‘margarines’ we use in our Baker’s Low Fat range have much lower fat levels (down to 60%), and our product developers are able to reduce fat content even further. Reducing fat levels is not easy, because it affects taste, texture and shelf life. It’s all about finding the right balance: the right oil blend, the right emulsifiers and the right flavours.

Baker’s Low Sat®

Our Baker’s Low Sat range contains margarines with 20% lower saturated fatty acid content than standard margarines, and more than 50% lower than butter. Many bakery products require a certain amount of saturated (solid) fats – laminated pastry, for example, cannot be made without them. Our researchers succeeded in replacing solid fats with liquid oils in the fat blend – a challenging and highly technical task.