Corona update

Additional measures on our logistics platforms

Access and containment

All possible measures are being taken to limit, and even prohibit, access to drivers inside our building​.  Drivers are allowed to interact with our personnel only:

  • For the minimal time needed for document handling and cargo stability check.
  • When the driver is wearing a mouth mask.
  • When a safe distance between each other is kept at all times (at least 1.5 m).

For non-confined registration desks, a plexiglass shield is being placed on the desk/counter.

If a driver coughs or sneezes frequently, he or she will be asked to wait outside the building or inside the truck. Our own personnel will wear a mouth mask and gloves when handing over the documents outside. ​


Objects and surfaces

Document handling is being minimized – follow these measures:

  • Pass on loading or unloading instructions by phone.
  • Gloves (latex or nitrile) are mandatory when handling documents​.
  • Place documents in a separate document tray for at least 2 hours before further processing.

Office supplies are not to be shared with drivers (drivers must use their own pencils, etc.).

Do not put office supplies, or any other objects, in contact with your face or mouth. ​

Disinfect registration desks, ticket booths, or other driver reception facilities twice per shift with alcohol-based wipes.


If you are a customer, please find out more here: