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  • EAN Code: 5410093161024

The best tasting alternative to butter. ST-ALLERY® Revolution mimics butter in taste, mouthfeel and workability. For laminated pastry, the ideal usage temperature is 5°C.

  1. Full butter taste and mouthfeel
  2. Constant quality throughout the year without fluctuations
  3. More convenience and better workability in your workflow


Dietary information and certification

  • RSPO credits


  • Weight per piece 2 KG
  • Items per box 6 units
  • Box length x width x height 0,422 X 0,364 X 0,102 M

An innovative blend tailored for the demanding professional resulting in the best alternative to butter. St-Allery Revolution: like butter in taste and mouthfeel, better than butter through more consistent quality and functionality.

  • Application Danish pastry
  • Shelf life after production 24 weeks
  • Storage temperature 10°C - 18°C, dry and dark
  • Weight per piece 2 KG
  • Items per box 6
  • EDU dimensions 0,422 X 0,364 X 0,102 M
  • CU dimensions 0,400 X 0,350 X 0,016 M
  • RSPO credits

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