Parfum cuberdon

Cooking Time

1440 mins

Serving Suggestion

12 people


Allergy information

How to make Parfum cuberdon


Cuberdon mousse: Dissolve the gelatine leaves in water and mix them under the crème patisserie. Add the cuberdon syrup. Gently mix shortbread, half-whipped chantilly uand Bretoens dough. Whip up the egg yolks. Whip up the St-Allery cream dough loosely with a a bit of ​salt and add to the whipped egg yolks.


Sift the flour ​​with the ​baking powder and add it to the mix. Wrap the dough in cling film and let it rest a night in the fridge. Roll the dough (4 mm thick) and cut circles out with the size of the base of the mold. Bake them for 25 minutes at 160 °C.


  Raspberry jelly: Dissolve the gelatine in raspberry coulis, pour into a mold (2 mm thick) and let it stiffen. Then insert circles with a diameter of 3 cm.  


Biscuit: Let the biscuit dough defrost. Cut out circles with a diameter of 4 cm and sprinkle ​with raspberry syrup. The building: Rob in the forms with cuberdon mousse. Fill them half with​ cuberdon mousse, then top with a slice of raspberry coulis and then a slice of biscuit​. Fill them ​further with mousse and leave them to coagulate in the freezer.


Take them out of the mold and stick them ​on a slice of Bretoens dough. Spray off ​with pink velvet ​​and finish with a crumble of cuberdon.

Ingredients used

Vandemoortele Ingredients

Other Ingredients

For the Cuberdon mousse
350 g Chantilly
250 g custard
110 g cuberdon syrup
7 g gelatin (2 sheets)
For the Breton Shortbread
650 g flour
425g cane sugar
225 g of egg yolk
20 g baking powder
8 g of salt
For the Raspberry Jelly
1.5 gelatine leaves
100 g raspberry coulis
For the Bisciuts
Raspberry syrup (syrup flavoured with raspberry coulis)

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