Corona update

In-store consumer communication

Enjoy fresh, tasty and safe bakery products

It is important that you say what you are doing – and that you do what you say – to reassure consumers that all hygiene and safety measures have been taken to provide them with fresh, tasty AND safe bake-off products. That way, we can counter the (unnecessary) uncertainty that has arisen about the safety of bakery products.

To support in-store communication, we’ve developed a ‘bake-off support kit’ that you can display in the bakery corner.  These printable tools tell your customers which measures have been taken to ensure shop hygiene and food safety, and they instruct them in what they need to do to not spread the virus.

These communication tools visualise some important messages. First of all, they repeat the value of fresh, tasty and safe bakery products. And second, they point out that you have implemented the highest hygiene and safety standards. That’s reassuring!

> Find out our recommendations to ensure hygiene and safety in your bakery corner

> At your disposal for any advice to guarantee the continuity of your bake-off activities