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Shaping a tasty future responsibly

At Vandemoortele we care about the future. We make great tasting and enjoyable food in a responsible way. Four areas define our commitment for the future.

Our sustainability documents & position papers

Responsible sourcing

The sustainability of our activities depends not only on what we do ourselves, but also on what others do for us. We are committed to promoting ethical behaviour in our supply chain to ensure both people and the environment are treated with respect.

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Eco-efficient production

In our production processes, we make use of energy, water, food ingredients and packaging. By increasing the efficient use of these resources, we strive to minimise waste and emissions, and hence the overall environmental impact of our operations.

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Commitment to people

We are dedicated to ensure a safe workplace for our employees  and visitors. We appreciate the value of a diverse workforce and help our people to develop their talents. Beyond the bounds of our company, we  engage constructively and respectfully with our local community.

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Products you can trust

As makers of food products, we have a special responsibility towards our consumers. We  take pride in offering  food products that are not only tasty and of high quality but also demonstrably safe. We are also transparent about our products  and innovate to offer consumers better food choices without compromising on taste.

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