Variations of tomatoes with mozzarella

Cooking Time

25 mins

Serving Suggestion

4 people


Allergy information


How to make Variations of tomatoes with mozzarella


Wash all of the tomatoes. Cut the coeur de boeuf tomatoes in a carpaccio style and arrange them around the plate. Cut the other tomatoes in different ways and scatter them around the coeur de boeuf.


Tear the Buffalo mozzarela to create an artisnal look. Cut the figs and arrange them between the tomatoes. Season with pepper and garnish with basil leaves. Finnish with balsamic vinaigrette and BELOLIVE® Olive Oil.

Ingredients used

Vandemoortele Ingredients

Other Ingredients

1 Yellow tomatoes
1 Green tomatoes
1 Coeur de boeuf tomatoes
1 Honey Tomatoes
2 Figs
Basil leaves
2 Buffalo mozzarella
Balsamic vinaigrette

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