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Plant-Based Food Solutions

Plant-Based Food Solutions

More than 100 years of experience in oils & fats, working closely together with our customers, has resulted in an extensive product range, both in consumer goods and in ingredients.

From healthy consumer spreads and tasty cooking blends for top chefs, to top quality pastry margarines for artisan bakers and food manufacturers: we have a tailor-made solution for every customer.

Our product development focusses on creating new plant-based food solutions with a very high quality, convenient to use, and the best in taste. We also follow the latest insights in nutrition and health and incorporate them in our products.

Discover more on the specific concepts we have developed for Retail and Industrial Food Producers. In case you are a food service professional or artisan baker, we propose you our leading brands RISSO®ST-ALLERY® and GOLD CUP®.

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