Supplier information

Supplier collaboration

SAP Ariba helps us to collaborate with our suppliers through a common platform. We strive to enhance overall productivity and efficiency, to create end to end visibility and to strengthen the supplier relationship with this transformation.

1. Standard Account

Fast and easy way to receive and confirm orders, process service entry sheets, submit invoices and check the invoice status. Standard account is completely free of cost.

2. Enterprise Account

In addition to the functionalities of standard account, an enterprise account provides suppliers catalog management, priority customer support and even the possibility of full ERP integration.


Ordering SAP Ariba streamlines order management processes such as sending purchase orders, confirming orders and sending shipping notices.

Receiving Suppliers can track the status of the ordered goods and communicate with buyers about the condition of the received goods.

Invoicing - SAP Ariba provides smart invoice management through Purchase Order Flip, PDF uploader and Integration (only for enterprise account).  

Payment - We impose a No Purchase Order, No Pay Policy to ensure that all expenditure is properly authorized and recorded. Supplier collaboration via Ariba adds visibility on the invoice status and reduces liquidity risk for suppliers.

Catalog Management - SAP Ariba provides a comprehensive dashboard that manages all catalog activities and facilitates supplier collaboration.

Supplier Lifecycle and Performance Management - SAP Ariba enables the supplier to maintain his own supplier information and track supplier performance management.