18 juli 19

The story behind the Vandemoortele Food Experience Center

The Vandemoortele Food Experience Center is our company’s headquarter – our flagship – where we are shaping a tasty future sustainably, and invite people to actively take part in it.

It’s our mission to bring great taste to the kitchen, to the table and on the go. We believe that food should be an everyday enjoyment. Whatever the occasion or meal, we will not compromise on taste. That’s what the Food Experience Center is all about. It’s built to realise our mission and exceed our goals, together.

The Vandemoortele Food Experience Center is a paragon of sustainability, in every sense of the word. For sure, it’s a nearly Zero Energy Building with a low environmental impact, designed to last but it also guarantees a healthy and comfortable working environment for all people entering the building.

It’s our shared workspace, an activity-based environment with various facilities for specific activities built to support a more flexible way of working and to stimulate interaction between its users. Facilitated by the use of digital tools, it breaks down communication barriers and makes work processes more efficient, transforming the experience of all employees.

The Food Experience Center is also an inspiring place for our customers, consumers and suppliers, where we offer them a unique Vandemoortele experience. A place where they discover new product innovations, acquire the latest consumer insights and explore great taste, all brought to them by our Masters of Taste.

The Food Experience Center is yet another milestone on our way to ‘shaping a tasty future’. With it, we underline our position as a leading food group once again.

It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss out on!

Om Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele grundades 1899 som ett belgiskt familjeföretag och har fortsatt att växa och utvecklas sedan dess. Under de senaste två decennierna har vi blivit ett europeiskt livsmedelsföretag med ledande positioner inom två produktkategorier: Bakery Products (BP) och Plant-Based Food Solutions. Vi är kända för att leverera innovativa och högkvalitativa produkter.

År 2023 Vandemoortele realiserade en omsättning på cirka 1.9 miljarder euro med 4,080 (fastanställda och vikarierande) medarbetare. Vandemoortele-koncernens huvudkontor ligger i Gent, Belgien. Vi har kommersiella kontor i 12 europeiska länder samt i USA och Asien. Vi har 29 högkvalitativa produktionsanläggningar runt om i Europa för att säkerställa närhet till alla våra nyckelmarknader. Vi exporterar från Europa till 72 länder i hela världen.


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