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The Board of Directors determines Vandemoortele’s general policy and reports to the shareholders. It consists of 6 representatives of the family shareholders, 6 non family directors and the CEO of the Group. Baron Jean Vandemoortele is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors entrusts the day-to-day management of Vandemoortele to the CEO, Jules Noten*. He presides and directs the Executive Committee that is composed by himself, the Managing Directors of the 2 business lines, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Human Resources-Sustainability-Communication, the Secretary General, the Chief Transformation Officer and the Group Marketing Director. The Executive Committee members are responsible for their Business Line or Group Service and, together with the CEO, are responsible for managing the activities as a whole.

The members of the Executive Committee are: (see picture)

  • Jules Noten*, CEO
  • Bart Bruyneel, Managing Director MCOF
  • Yvon Guérin, Managing Director Bakery Products
  • Dirk Durez, Secretary General
  • Herman Van Steenstraeten, Chief Financial Officer
  • Marc Croonen, Chief Human Resources, Sustainability & Communication
  • Eddy Van Blanken, Group Marketing Director
  • Helena Vanhoutte, Chief Transformation Officer

*   Representing Jules Noten Comm.V.

The 6 representatives of the family shareholders are:

  • Baron Jean Vandemoortele
  • Christian Vandemoortele
  • Ann Deruyttere
  • François Casier
  • Marie-Christine Casier – de Briey
  • Chantal Heymans

The 7 independent board members are:

  • Philippe Haspeslagh
  • Eddy Walraevens
  • Michel Delloye
  • Cécile Bonnefond
  • Urs Jordi (member since October 2019)
  • Philippe Schaillée (member as from 1st of January 2020)
  • Jules Noten

2019 - 2020

This and next year, 3 independent board members will leave the Board of Directors due to reaching the age limit (70 years) or due to having taken up the maximum number of mandates (3 x 3 years), namely Michel Léonard, Philippe Haspeslagh and Eddy Walraevens.

Two new independent board members have already been appointed to succeed them.

Urs Jordi is of Swiss origin and former CEO of Hiestand and former General Manager Europe of Aryzta - both companies are active in the industrial bakery sector. Urs Jordi is currently an independent investor and member of several Boards of Directors.

Philippe Schaillée, Belgian and globally responsible for the Foodservice activities of Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

Urs Jordi was appointed because of his thorough knowledge of the bakery sector, Philippe Schaillée because of his strong and international knowledge of the foodservice market. To be clear: Vandemoortele has no plans towards the coffee sector.

A third new independent board member will be appointed in the coming months.

About Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele was founded in 1899 as a Belgian family business, and has continued to grow and develop ever since. Over the last two decades, we became a European food company with leading positions in two product categories: Bakery Products (BP) and Plant-Based Food Solutions. We are known for supplying innovative and high-quality products. 

In 2023, Vandemoortele realised a turnover of around EUR 1.9 billion with 4,080 associates (permanent and temporary). The Vandemoortele Group headquarters are located in Ghent, Belgium. We have commercial offices in 12 European countries, as well as in the United States and Asia. We operate in 29 high-quality production sites all over Europe, in order to ensure proximity to all our key markets. We export from Europe to 72 countries worldwide.

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