As a responsible player in the food market, we’re committed to deliver the best possible products that take into account consumers’ individual desires, needs and requirements, as well as the latest insights regarding to food, health and nutrition. That’s why we have created position papers, in which we present our opinion about key issues of concern in our sector.


Our position on sugar

Vandemoortele supports the World Health Organization’s recommendation that people should reduce their energy intake from sugar. One way we do this is by offering customers and consumers a wide range of sweet and savoury products containing varying amounts and types of sugar. This makes it easy for them to choose products that are most appropriate for their diet.

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Our position on saturated fats

Public health can be significantly improved by replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats in our diets.

Vandemoortele supports the WHO recommendation to limit the intake of SFAs (saturated fatty acids) to a maximum of 10% of our energy intake. We also subscribe to the view that replacing SFAs with UFAs (unsaturated fatty acids) in our diets has a positive effect on human health.

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Our position on trans fats

Trans fatty acids (trans fats) in margarines and fats no longer pose a danger to public health. This is thanks to the food industry’s ongoing and self-imposed efforts over recent decades to reformulate food products so that they contain fewer trans fatty acids. Also Vandemoortele recognises that the presence of TFAs, both from animal and vegetable fat, needs to be reduced to below the level that make them a public health concern.

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Our position on palm oil

Vandemoortele is committed to sourcing palm oil that is traceable, deforestation- and exploitation-free as well as certified sustainable.

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