Responsible sourcing

Sustainable palm oil: “Well on the path”

For the same reason, we continue to play an active role in initiatives promoting the use of sustainable palm oil around the world.

Since 2009, we have been a member of both the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil and GreenPalm.

In 2012, we became a founding member of the Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil.

In 2013, we became a founding member of the Alliance pour la Préservation des Forêts.

In 2014, we joined Earthworm, formerly known as The Forest Trust (TFT). Earthworm which works towards a palm oil cycle that respects both people and the planet, advises us on our corporate palm oil policy and strategy. Together with Earthworm and our suppliers, we seek to make a real difference on the ground, setting clear goals and taking concrete action.

In December 2014, we launched the Vandemoortele Palm Oil Sourcing Charter for the protection of forests and against the exploitation of workers. This Charter expresses our commitment to using only 100%-certified sustainable palm oil for our branded consumer products, while also ensuring that all the palm oil we buy can be traced back to its source. This commitment has since become a reality.

WWF recognises our efforts as “Well on the path” in its Palm Oil Buyers’ Scorecard 2016.

In 2017, we became a founding member of the Fundación Española del Aceite de Palma Sostenible.

“Becoming a member of Earthworm Foundation, formerly known as The Forest Trust, is a declaration of willingness to make changes to the bigger picture, beyond the company’s own interests.” – Marie Méhu, Member Manager, Earthworm