ST-AUVENT® is a quality brand for professionals, offering reliability combined with a unique flavoured blend of butter, vegetable oils and fats. As an experienced supplier of bakery ingredients with a strong French heritage, Vandemoortele always strives to other artisans the best quality products, deliver an excellent taste signature and bring pure handling convenience to your bakery.


With St-Auvent, you’ll receive a big support during your lamination process. Enjoy flexible sheets allowing long dough manipulation without breakage or crumbling. Our entire St-Auvent lamination range offers:

  • Reliable performance
  • Constant quality throughout the year
  • Less waste, more turnover
  • A faster and easlier workflow

St-Auvent is a good companion. it combines quality & taste, which makes my work easier

Delfin MarcelinoPastry Chef at Barrio do Cura, Spain


  1. Reliable regularity that gives you confidence to achieve excellent results, consistently capturing the tradition of authentic French baking
  2. Signature taste profile, boosting the quality of your creations with intense flavour
  3. Finest selection of vegetable oils and fats tailored for demanding and professional usage, now in even more convenient easy-open packaging formats to speed up your workflow.