Swedish Bagel

Cooking Time

25 mins

Serving Suggestion

1 person


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How to make Swedish Bagel


Defrost the bagels for 10 minutes. Then cook them in a preheated oven at 175° C for 3 minutes.


Make a marinade with the mustard, BELOLIVE® Olive Oil and then finely cut dill and add it to the mixture. Lightly brush the reindeer carpaccio with the marinade and let the meat marinate. Rince the oakleaf lettuce. Cut the bagel into halves and fill it with: more oakleaf lettuce, then the fine slices of Hushallsost cheese and finish with a marinated slice of reindeer carpaccio.


Drizzle some RISSO® Yogorette Vinaigrette over the bagel and season with several sprigs of dill."

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