Kramiek/Raisin bread

Cooking Time

240 mins

Serving Suggestion

0 people


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How to make Kramiek/Raisin bread


With the exception of ST ALLERY® Lux, ST ALLERY® Premium Cream / Dough and the raisins, mix together all ingredients until it begins to form a dough. Add the ST ALLERY® Premium Cream / Dough and the ST ALLERY® Lux gradually so that the dough can easily absorb the ingredients. Knead the dough smoothly and elastic. 


Let is rest for 10 min and put the raisins gently in it. Let it rest for 10 min and weigh. Format the dough and let it get loose for 5min. Make the dough long and lay it in froms that are greased with GOLD CUP® PL3. Give final rising in the rising cabin at 32°C, relative humidity grade (RH) of 85%. Bake in a moderate oven of ± 200 ° C for 45 min.

Ingredients used

Vandemoortele Ingredients

Other Ingredients

10 000 g flour
2000 g water
1700 g of milk
1500 g eggs
750 g yeast
170 g salt
350 g of sugar
5000 g raisins

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