Hazelnut tartlet

Made with Gold Cup® Hazelnut Paste

Cooking Time

50 mins

Serving Suggestion

50 people


Allergy information


How to make Hazelnut tartlet


To prepare the shortcrust, mix all the ingredients except the eggs until you have a sandy texture. Then add the eggs and mix until a homogenous dough. Roll the dough to 2.5 mm and line the tartlet mould with it. Blank bake the tartlets for 10 minutes at 165°C 


Make the madeleine by mixing all the ingredients together until you have a homogenous dough. Pipe 30 in each blank baked tartlet and bake for 12 minutes at 165°C.  


Decorate the tartlet by piping 30 g of the Gold Cup hazelnut paste on top. Add 15 g hazelnut pieces on the side.

Other Ingredients

Short crust:
330 g Gold Cup Cake
220 g icing sugar
80 g almond powder
6 g salt
140 g eggs
680 g flour
50 g corn starch
Hazelnut madeleine:
150 g St-Allery Liquid
75 g water
190 g milk
4 eggs
350 g sugar
450 g flour
15 g baking powder
150 g hazelnut paste
1500 g Gold Cup Hazelnut paste
750 g hazelnut pieces

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