Cocoa Epiphany

Made with St. Villepré® Crème/Dough and St. Villepré® Plate for Lamination

Cooking Time

70 mins

Serving Suggestion

14 people


Allergy information

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How to make Cocoa Epiphany


First create the inverted puff pastry. Cut the St-Villepré for lamination in little cubes and mix with the 1320g flour. Spread this butter between baking papers, roll to 10 mm and store in the fridge. Mix all the other ingredients to make the dough and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. Take the butter sheet, roll it to 7 mm and put the dough in the middle. Give the dough 4 single folds with 1 hour rest between each fold. For the last 2 folds, incorporate some sugar in between the folds. Roll the dough to 3 mm and cut the dough in 2 parts. Preshape 18cm cirkels on the dough.


Prepare the almond cream by mixing the butter with the sugar and almond powder until airy structure. Add the eggs little by little.


Pipe some almond cream in the preshaped cirkels. Apply egg wash on the edge, put the second dough on top and close the epiphany on the edges by pressing with your fingers. Put the circle on top and cut the dough by following its edges. Let rest for 1 night in the fridge.


Egg wash the top, dip in the cocoa nibs and bake for 40 minutes at 180°C. Once baked, apply sugar water on top.

Other Ingredients

Inverted puff pastry:
1320 g St-Villepré butter for lamination
540 g flour
520 g water
40 g salt
400 g St-Villepré butter for incorporation
1250 g flour
Almond cream:
300 g St-Villepré butter for incorporation
300 g sugar
300 g eggs
300 g almond powder
Cocoa nibs

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