Carrot Travel Cake

Made with Gold Cup® Margarine

Cooking Time

40 mins

Serving Suggestion

50 people


Allergy information


How to make Carrot Travel Cake


Melt the Cake margarine. Shred the carrots in a food processor , then add the eggs and melted Gold Cup Cake. Mix for 5 minutes at medium speed.


Add all the dry ingredients and mix until homogeneous. Pipe the batter in the silicon mould and bake for 20 minutes at 165°C.


For the caramel cream cheese, mix the cream cheese and caramel together. Pipe some caramel cream cheese on the baked cake

Ingredients used

Vandemoortele Ingredients

Other Ingredients

Carrot cake:
600 g flour
200 g brown sugar
250 g sugar 
20g baking powder
9 g salt
5 g cinnamon powder
500 g peeled carrot
320 g eggs
250 g Gold Cup cake
Caramel cream cheese:
400 g cream cheese
100 g caramel

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