Brussels waffle Swiss cream

Cooking Time

120 mins

Serving Suggestion

8 people


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How to make Brussels waffle Swiss cream

Belgium is world-famous for many things, but perhaps most of all for its (Brussels) waffles. With this recipe, this airy delicacy comes into its own. Particularly because of the Swiss Cream topping!


Allow the yeast to dissolve in the milk. Mix in the flour, as well as the four egg yolks.


Melt the Risso Cuisine with 20% butter and add this to the mixture whilst stirring.


Whisk the egg whites and fold these into the mixture using a spatula. Allow the mixture to rest for half an hour before baking.

Ingredients used

Vandemoortele Ingredients

Other Ingredients

1L milk or ½L milk + ½L water
600G flour
25G yeast
4 Eggs
Vanilla powder

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