Braised veal cheeks

with mustard and tarragon sauce, mashed potato and broad beans

Cooking Time

180 mins

Serving Suggestion

4 people


Allergy information


How to make Braised veal cheeks


Braise the veal cheeks in the court-bouillon for about 2 hours until cooked through. Use the bouillon as the base for the sauce, adding cream, mustard and tarragon.


Season a pot of water with salt, add FAMA® margerine and summer savory, and cook the broad beans in it.


Make a classic mashed potato side using the potatoes and milk.


Fry the braised cheeks in FAMA®, and serve with the mustard sauce, mashed potato and beans.

Ingredients used

Vandemoortele Ingredients

Other Ingredients

1kg of​ veal cheeks
2l court-bouillon
400ml cream
Some tarragon
200g broad beans
500g potatoes
100ml milk
Summer savory

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