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  • EAN Code: 3170780000594

ST-AUVENT® Feuilletage is a margarine-butter blend to use in firmer puff pastry or when laminating in more challenging conditions


Dietary information and certification

  • Vegetarian
  • RSPO credits


  • Weight per piece 1,25 KG
  • Items per box 8 units
  • Box length x width x height 0,422 X 0,232 X 0,135 M

In firmer lamination pastry applications, St-Auvent Feuilletage plates give you the additional edge. Based on the qualities of our Croissant reference, these plates are favorable when you are in need of a more rigid product or want to focus on maximum volume development of your lamination.

  • Application Puff Pastry
  • Shelf life after production 6 months
  • Storage temperature 15°C - 20°C, dry and dark
  • Weight per piece 1,25 KG
  • Items per box 8
  • EDU dimensions 0,422 X 0,232 X 0,135 M
  • CU dimensions 0,380 X 0,215 X 0,016 M
  • Vegetarian

    Based upon EVU definition & ISO 23662:2021
    These products contain no ingredients, additives, flavourings or any other substance of animal origin.
    Exceptions are made for milk, birds’ eggs, beeswax, honey and propolis​ (a glue-like substance taken from beehives). ​
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  • RSPO credits

    Find out more information on our position on palm oil.
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