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ST-AUVENT® Feuilletage is a margarine-butter blend to use in firmer puff pastry or when laminating in more challenging conditions

  1. Easy processing: flexible sheets allowing long dough manipulation without breakage or crumbling 
  2. Combines firmer dough with pleasant and full mouthfeel without waxiness
  3. Ideal even layering
  4. Regular, homogenous development


Dietary information and certification

  • Vegetarian


  • Weight per piece 1,25 KG
  • Items per box 8 units
  • Box length x width x height 0,410 X 0,232 X 0,135 M

In firmer lamination pastry applications, St-Auvent Feuilletage plates give you the additional edge. Based on the qualities of our Croissant reference, these plates are favorable when you are in need of a more rigid product or want to focus on maximum volume development of your lamination.

  • Application Puff Pastry
  • Shelf life after production 9 months
  • Storage temperature 15°C-20°C, dry and dark
  • Weight per piece 1,25 KG
  • Items per box 8
  • EDU dimensions 0,410 X 0,232 X 0,135 M
  • CU dimensions 0,380 X 0,215 X 0,016 M
  • Vegetarian

    Based upon EVU definition & ISO 23662:2021
    These products contain no ingredients, additives, flavourings or any other substance of animal origin.
    Exceptions are made for milk, birds’ eggs, beeswax, honey and propolis​ (a glue-like substance taken from beehives). ​
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