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  • EAN Code: 5410093075697

ST-ALLERY® PREMIUM Crème-Dough combines the authentic taste of butter with practicalities of margarine. Unrivaled as an ingredient for the elaboration of cake, dough and cremes. Thanks to the rich 25% butter content, it guarantees an excellent soft taste in your products

  1. Full butter taste
  2. Constant quality throughout the year
  3. Add convenience to your workflow


Dietary information and certification

  • Vegetarian
  • RSPO credits


  • Weight per piece 2,5 KG
  • Items per box 4 units
  • Box length x width x height 0,325 X 0,232 X 0,165 M

Experience the best of both worlds with ST-ALLERY® PREMIUM. A unique range of butterblends combining the taste, colour and flavour of butter with the convenience of margarine.

  • Application Cream & Dough
  • Shelf life after production 20 weeks
  • Storage temperature 10°C - 18°C, dry and dark
  • Weight per piece 2,5 KG
  • Items per box 4
  • EDU dimensions 0,325 X 0,232 X 0,165 M
  • CU dimensions 0,310 X 0,115 X 0,075 M
  • Vegetarian

    Based upon EVU definition & ISO 23662:2021
    These products contain no ingredients, additives, flavourings or any other substance of animal origin.
    Exceptions are made for milk, birds’ eggs, beeswax, honey and propolis​ (a glue-like substance taken from beehives). ​
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  • RSPO credits

    Find out more information on our position on palm oil.
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