Doony's Mix Box

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Coffee break Ebéd On the go Snack
Anniversaires Coffee Break Kids party Picnic Spring Sugarparty (after rammadan) Sweet
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  • In a practical 12 tray with tray labels
  • Easy handling: defrost - ready to serve
  • Five different donuts in a mix box: great diversity In the most popular flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

Allow the products to thaw for about 30-60 minutes at room temperature.

The highlights for your counter - special, better and more colorful. We have reissued the doony's Mix Box. Modern icings and decorations are not only a delight for the eye, but also provide taste experiences at the highest level. Belgian milk chocolate, glazes in pink and in pink-white are very popular with all our donut friends.

The mix box contains 12 pieces each of:

  • D11 (party doony's)
  • D80 (real chocolate doony's)
  • D85 (pinky doony's)
  • D146 (rosy doony's)
  • D77 (white vanilla doony's)

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