Banana cake

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Coffee break Anniversaires Coffee Break Easter
High tea Mothers Day Spring Sugarparty (after rammadan) Wedding Sweet
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Preparation guidelines:

  • Remove the foil
  • Allow the cake to thaw for about 4 hours in the refrigerator
  • After thawing the products cooled at max.
  • Keep at 7ºC


Of course, vegan and trendy, our banana cake is a simple dessert for people who like to take a sweet break and at the same time pay attention to the conscious enjoyment with natural products. It convinces with a juicy dough and great taste and is at the same time still vegan - that is, prepared without animal products.

The cake seduces you by its visual lightness and delicate playfulness. The glaze contains a natural banana aroma and is generously covered in a pistachio decor. Banana puree and a balanced proportion of pecans make the loose dough mixture a perfect taste experience. Simply thaw the banana cake and place it as a delicious dessert in your display. Your customers will love this natural delicacy.

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