Preserve, color, emulsify,...

When we create a product or a recipe we use "classic" ingredients like flour or vegetable oil and if functionally required, we add what are called “food additives”. Food additives don’t have any nutritional role but are added for a specific technological function. Preservatives keep food from spoiling so that we can enjoy it safely for longer. Food colours are used to add or restore colour in food and have an impact on the appearance of the food we eat. Emulsifiers create an homogeneous emulsion between liquids that would never mix otherwise, like water and oil.  Sweeteners are used to give sweet taste (and to replace sugar). Antioxidants are substances which prolong the shelf life of foods by protecting them against oxidation (i.e. fat rancidity and colour changes). Flour treatment agents are added to flour or to dough to improve its baking quality.

All food additives serve an important function in food products, are all tested and approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and considered safe. Only additives for which the proposed uses were considered safe are authorized, receive an E-number and are on the EU-list. 

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