MY ORIGINALS® - Mix Box My Craftie Donuts

MY ORIGINALS® - Mix Box My Craftie Donuts

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Let the products thaw in the closed packaging for 30 to 60 min at ambient temperature. Remove plastic foil once the products are defrosted.


Today we are living in a rapidly-changing world. New trends come and go and we all want to be part of it. Instagram is flourishing, new experiences are fully displayed on social media while trendy pop up stores are booming and filling the streets with a sensory overload. The hipper, the better. All with one thing in common: grabbing someone’s attention to showcase attractiveness! Yes, appearance does matter!

Therefore leaving a good impression is key. We want all our beautiful little treasures to look as pretty as a picture to make them simply irresistible. But we also want our products to bring you a heavenly taste. That’s where our craftsmanship comes in. Through our experience and inhouse talent, we even surpass the promise of appearance and taste! As main flavor we chose chocolate! For decades chocolate is far out the most preferred taste for many people. A perfect choice to dress up our donuts! To meet everyone’s need, we divided our new range of compound coated donuts into 3 product-types to meet different consumer groups from younger to older, from white to milk to dark chocolate lovers. All decorated with fascinating patterns, from stylish to extravagant and colourful.

  • Are you more into arty deco? Then meet our donuts crafted with a dark chocolate compound coating where delightful patterns of golden caramel stripes and caramelized nuts bring you a dazzling spectacle.
  • Meet our lovely white compound coated donuts, ready to play the leading role in all your wonderful tales. They are decorated with large chunks of real white chocolate and beautiful dried raspberry flakes. Definitely one that will step into the spotlights!
  • Maybe you fancy some sparkling happy colors? Let’s try our playful kids donuts with delicious milk compound coating. On top of it real colorful chocolate lentil crunch decorations jump to the eyes. Just grab them if you can!

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