Same taste, new look

MY ORIGINALS® brand family

Meet the delicious members of our “MY ORIGINALS®” brand family.

Our donuts

Our authentic recipes are based on the classic American yeast-raised donuts. Our popular iced donuts are unique in the market. Customers and consumers can choose from a wide and surprising variety of decorations, fillings, coatings and sizes.

Our cakes

An abundant choice of joyful recipes inspired by US Bakeries. Think Red Velvet or Chocolate Fudge cakes.

Our cookies

Authentic American Cookies with iconic flavours.

Our brownies

An original American recipe with Belgian chocolate as the secret ingredient for a deeper indulgence.

Our muffins

Our classic basic muffins are a traditionally delicious treat. Our premium quality muffins are (literally) overflowing with innovative fillings and are neatly presented in authentic paper cups.