GOLD CUP® Confectionery Compound Coating

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Enjoy exact measurements and a predictable melting behaviour with our small and uniform compound coating drops. As a professional, you know all details matter in viennoiserie and patisserie. 

Achieve smooth and shiny enrobing results effortlessly without the complicated hassle of tempering. Streamline your workflow by using compound coating for enrobing, dipping and glazing.

Full fluidity control over your compound allows you to apply the most sophisticated decoration styles with ease. If you are looking for decorations that require the most precise finishing, our compound coating helps you apply them. Demonstrate your creativity while receiving maximum support from your ingredients.

Gold Cup drops

Easy melting drops for fillings and decoration of laminated pastry, biscuits and cakes. Excellent fluidity and shine. Melting temperature: 40-50°C in a water bath. Do not melt over direct heat. Processing temperature: 38-42°C.

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