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Butter blend (unsalted) in tub premium

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Do you want to be inspired with on-trend innovations? Are you looking for co-creation or a test? Do you want a fast track to bring innovation to the market?

St-VILLEPRÉ® shows you the diversity of possibilities when the best of oils and butter are blended.

Combining oil and butter is an art, using it in the kitchen is luckily a lot easier. It is easy to spread out of the fridge, spatters less and does not burn when cooking. It guarantees a rich buttery taste with high convenience in baking.

Try our St VILLEPRÉ® spread: By blending butter and oil, ​you will be combining the best of both worlds: Rich butter taste​ and immediately spreadable out of the fridge! You will be​ instantly enjoying the smooth texture and rich butter taste on​ your bread, toast or cracker.​

A delicious enjoyment!

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