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Baker's Pastry Low Fat

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One of the challenges for the food industry is to reduce the energy content of food products without compromising on taste and product texture. Today's consumers want healthier food, without any compromises on taste and experience.

Over the years, we have developed a broad range of reduced-fat margarines with fat contents ranging from 70% down to 55%.

Baker’s Pastry Low Fat 55 makes it possible to bake healthier laminated pastry: by adding functional fibers as fat replacers, we can significantly lower the fat content in our margarine, and as a result in your product, without impacting your production process.

Baker's Pastry Low Fat 55 has multiple benefits:

  • Specifically developed for laminated pastry. Excellent plasticity and workability, resulting in a great texture of your bakery product
  • Easy implementation on your industrial production line. 1-on-1 replacement of your current (high-fat) margarine
  • 30% lower (saturated) fat and energy content than a standard margarine, allowing to make ‘reduced’ or ‘light’ claims on your product.
  • Functional fibers replace a part of the fat, resulting in a baked product with a reduced fat content and an excellent taste



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