RISSO® Longlife E-FREE 10L Bag In Box

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10,000 L
10,000 L

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This semiliquid frying fat is made from a mix of high oleic  sunflower, rapeseed, and fully hydrogenated rapeseed. All of this makes frying your favorite snacks better, more sustainable and healthier!

Product characteristics:

  • Free from Palm
  • 100% sunflower oil & rapeseed oil
  • 100% plant-based
  • Vegan
  • E-free (using a E-Free antifoaming agent = plant based extract / combination of natural anti oxidants)
  • Longer frying life than basic oils = sustainable consumption
  • Gives a more crispy / tasty end product than basic oils
  • Has a easy to dose packaging
  • Less waste because longer frying performance  before fat needs to be replaced
  • Semiliquid, filling or emptying frying equipment is convenient with a semiliquid product, no heating necessary!
  • Shelflife = 1 year !

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