Baker's Liquid, Functional oil

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1000 L
1000 L

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Baker’s Liquid performs best in pre-packed, soft dough products with a shelf life of typically 1 week or more.

Packed, fully baked bakery products:

  • Brioches
  • Cakes
  • Waffles (non-proofed)
  • Sandwich bread (pain de mie)

Packed, ready to bake products:

  • Pizza dough

Packaging type: 1000L IBC container

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A functional oil, convenient to use and easy to dose, giving your final product the desired quality throughout its shelf life: an improved softness, less dry products and shorter bite versus pure oil.

baker's liquid vs oil

By using Baker’s Liquid, you can increase your shelf life with at least 10% ( +/- 1 day per 7 days) without negatively impacting the sensorial properties of your product at the end of shelf life.

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