The best tasting alternative to butter

ST-ALLERY® Revolution plate

Why choose St-Allery Revolution Plate?


Full butter


Constant quality throughout the year


Add convenience
to your workflow

The best tasting alternative to butter. ST-ALLERY® Revolution mimics butter in taste, mouthfeel and workability. For laminated pastry, the ideal usage temperature is 5°C. My star qualities:

  • Consistent quality
  • Easy opening box
  • 1 to 1 replaceable
  • Lower price & fewer fluctuations
  • Better nutritional profile
  • More convenience  & workability

It's All About Taste

St-Allery® Revolution is the ultimate alternative to butter. Thanks to its unique blend of vegetable oils and butter, St-Allery Revolution has the same melting profile as butter, resulting in a exceptional taste and mouthfeel experience. St-Allery Revolution is the perfect alternative for replacing butter in every possible application.

We have conducted a sensory evaluation within a group of consumers to prove the above statement. St-Allery® Revolution is preferred in terms of:

  • Crispiness
  • Taste
  • Easiness to chew

Melting Profile of St-Allery® Revolution

Do you want to stand out and generate additional turnover with St-Allery® Revolution? The lower the temperature, the higher the amount of solid fat (SFC value). The great taste of butter is related to a large extent to its specific melting profile, which is now matched by St-Allery® Revolution.

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