Sustainable development

Products you can trust

As makers of food products, we have a special responsibility towards our customers and end-consumers. They trust us to provide them with food that is not only tasty and authentic, but also demonstrably safe and of the highest quality. We call this food care.

Since trust comes from knowledge, we want to be fully transparent about our products. We provide transparent, accurate nutrition labelling to help consumers make well-informed food choices that fit in with their diet. And we inform our customers about our position on key issues of concern in the food sector.

By combining in-depth understanding of people’s changing needs, concerns and desires with our scientific expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies, we develop innovative new products that delight and surprise them.

Food care

We care about the food we produce. Food safety is increasingly important in today’s food industry. The supply chain is becoming globalised, eating habits are changing, and mass catering establishments are becoming more popular. In all these contexts – and many more – food safety and hygiene issues can easily arise. We therefore take food care very seriously. Throughout the supply chain, our products are treated and monitored with the greatest care to ensure the safety of consumers. We have a 100-strong team across Europe making sure that, every day, we comply with all relevant legislation and meet all the leading food safety standards.

Innovation for better food choices

Keeping fit and well through healthy eating is important for many people. But at the same time, enjoying delicious food is one of life’s simplest pleasures. We believe it’s possible to combine the two and offer consumers plenty of choice by being active in various product categories. At the same time, within our categories, we’re continuously applying our skills and creativity to make innovative products that offer healthier options, such as products with less saturated fat, fewer additives, less sugar or higher fibre content. A good example is our range of Baker’s margarines.

At Vandemoortele, we believe that the best way of bringing about the advances in food we need is through collaboration. That’s why, in a research partnership with the University of Ghent, we have set up the Vandemoortele Centre for Lipid Science and Technology.

Our position with regard to key issues of concern in the food sector

As a responsible player in the food market, we’re committed to delivering the best possible products that take into account consumers’ individual desires, needs and requirements, as well as the latest insights with regard to food, health and nutrition. We’ve created transparency in our position on key issues of concern in our sector through various position papers.

Our position on sugar

Our position on trans fats

Our position on saturated fats

Our position on palm oil