Sustainable development

Commitment to people

Vandemoortele is a family business.

No wonder that we are so strongly committed to the welfare of our people and of those who live near us.


Safety first

Our primary concern is to make sure that our employees and visitors can work together in a safe environment. We therefore aim to fully integrate safety in our company culture. We focus on safety behaviour, encouraging employees to take ownership, empowering them and providing feedback – in all departments and at all levels of the company. We regularly organise training sessions on coaching, communication and safety tools to guarantee sustainable change, with the aim of drastically reducing the frequency of work accidents.


We think growth and development is vital

We foster healthy ambition and equal opportunities, and strongly believe that our company grows as our people grow. That’s why we proactively plan for professional development. We encourage employees to continue to develop themselves and to maintain their employability. The Vandemoortele Academy is where we provide training programmes, coaching, focused advice and other learning opportunities, so that our people can become strong, inspiring leaders equipped to guide the company through change and sustainable growth.

Passionate, energized and engaged people

Work is a significant part of life. That’s why we want everyone at Vandemoortele to enjoy their work and feel fully engaged with it. We conduct regular employee engagement surveys to monitor how employees at all levels and locations feel about working for the company, and how we can improve their experience. Their collective input provides the basis for creating a more engaging workplace, with relevant training and development plans, and opportunities for better communication and dialogue.

In the heart of the community

We have a duty of care towards the communities we operate in. Besides being good neighbours, we’re keen to advance the development of local communities. Each Vandemoortele site has chosen to join forces with one or more local charities. This results in a highly varied set of partnerships: from training guide dogs in France and contributing to the Belgian initiatives YouthStart and Habbekrats to sponsoring local Christmas trees in the UK and helping fund a new vessel for maritime Search & Rescue and participation in the Hamburg City Run in Germany.