Les BeneFits by Banquet d'Or®

Les BeneFits

Does your customer expect more nutritious bread products without wanting to compromise on taste? Banquet d'Or® presents 'Les BeneFits', a wide selection of delicious, nutritious & easy to bake-off bread products to make your product portfolio healthier .

Les BeneFits, the wholesome bread range that will benefit you and your customer! 

Healthiness is on the rise !

Research has shown that health is the number 1 expectation for bakery in the future. Today, with 25% of the consumers paying attention to healthiness (incl. naturalness, wholemeal, seed & grains, fiber...) when buying bread, there is no doubt that health is a trend you cannot miss on! 

That’s why we bring you Les BeneFits by Banquet d’Or®

Les BeneFits is a qualitative selection of wholesome bake off bread products filled with the goodness of nature: 

  • with seeds, grains & sourdough
  • 100% plant-based,
  • source of fiber
  • no added sugar & a limited salt level 
  • without additives, preservatives or artificial flavours (in line with our Clean Label definition)

Wholesome bread, anytime & anywhere

With Les BeneFits, you will for sure find the healthy bread item you need on your menu.

Whether you need buns to fill your bread basket, slices of baguette for an apero dip, half baguettes to prepare delicious on the go sandwich or loaves to complete your breakfast buffet - Les BeneFits covers it all, but with this extra nutritious touch to uplift your offer and make it unique !

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