Creating natural flavours.

For a flavour to be called a natural strawberry flavour, at least 95% of the flavour should come from strawberries. But did you know that you can recreate a strawberry flavour using other natural flavours? A lot of fruits, vegetables, spices,… contain similar molecules. This means that you can recreate the taste of a strawberry without using strawberries!

Natural flavours are not always possible

For some tastes, using a natural flavour is impossible, for many reasons, one of them being the cost of natural flavours another one being availability. Extracting a natural flavour is also sometimes a less sustainable option as it uses a lot of resources and transport. Synthetic can offer more sustainable options, like for vanillin for example.

Most of our flavours are natural

Most of the flavours we use are natural flavours. And our Clean Label products contain only natural flavours. We also have a lot of products in our portfolio where we use no flavours like most of our breads, our butter croissants. Our Clean Babel puff pastries contain only natural flavours.