Yellow Margarine

Food colourants are used to maintain or improve the appearance of the food we eat. We often eat… with our eyes. And we expect some products to be of the adequate color to be appealing. That is why we use E160a, β -carotene, to give a yellow colour to margarines as consumers expect a margarine to be yellow, like butter. For professional use, margarine is often white.

Carotenes in our Clean Label

Some types if carotenes are accepted in our Vandemoortele Clean Label. Carotenes are what gives many fruits and vegetables their color: carrots, tomatoes etc… E160 is obtained from natural sources: either from vegetables (E160a(ii)) or by fermentation from the mould Blakeslea trispora (E160a(iii). It can also be synthetized (E160a(i). We avoid the other colorants in the label either we use 160a(ii) or 160a(iii) or we use 'colouring foodstuffs' which are ingredients (no additives) with colouring proporties , such as carrots, beet juice, curcuma extract, etc.. That is why our sugar donuts can be clean labeled but not the decorated or coated ones.