Mixing oil and water

An emulsifier is added to create an homogeneous emulsion between liquids that would never mix otherwise, like water and oil. Emulsifiers are molecules with one hydrophilic (water-loving) end and one hydrophobic (oil-loving) end. Thanks to this structure, they make it possible to create an homogeneous, stable and smooth texture.

Emulsifiers in your kitchen.

You are yourself using an emulsifier when you make a mayonnaise at home! The egg of the recipe makes it possible for vinegar and oil to mix. Eggs contain lecithin (E322) which is a good emulsifier.

Emulsifiers in our products.

Emulsifiers have a key function in margarines: they give it the perfect texture and taste. Lecithin is widely used as well as E471 and E472. In bakery products, E471 and E481 are used in donuts to improve texture, volume as well as shelf life. For now, we accept E481 in our Clean Label but our R&D teams are currently working on a “cleaner” option.