Artisan Wholesaler


Supply your bakery customers the best ingredients the industry has to offer

Artisan Wholesaler

Supply your bakery customers the best ingredients the industry has to offer

Optimize your wholesaler portfolio with a product range of margarines and blends to fit your every customer needs. With the ingredients from Vandemoortele, your product offer will be future proof.

Offer ingredients for the modern baker

Be part of the latest developments in margarines and blends for artisan bakers.

  • Optimize your warehouse space with a balanced product range
  • Receive training on product application from our technical experts
  • Impress your customers with advanced products improving their workflow

Be assured by our production quality

Experience the security of our production factories applying the highest standards in manufacturing practices, hygiene and quality control.

  • State-of the art processing guarantees the consistency and shelf life you need
  • Certified product analyses by our full-scale on-site laboratory
  • Manufactured using only carefully selected raw materials 

Your preferred logistic partner

Integrated with our vast distribution network, your orders are delivered efficiently and effectively.

  • Benefit from the lead times of our Made to Stock references
  • Distribution centers across Europe ensure adequate storage
  • Track your orders via our personal customer service contact

Contribute to a Sustainable future

Through the Vandemoortele services, you support a sustainable society in 4 key areas:

  • Responsible sourcing: protect natural resources
  • Eco-efficient production by reducing waste and emissions
  • Commitment to people's health, safety and communities
  • Products you can trust: tasty & reliable food and food care

Discover more about sustainability